WhatsApp on Android and iPhone directly integrates with your contact book. As long as a contact is on WhatsApp, they’ll show up in the app. But you can also quickly add a contact to WhatsApp directly in the app.
  Android和iPhone上的WhatsApp可直接与您的通讯录集成。 只要联系人在WhatsApp上,他们就会显示在应用程序中。 但是您也可以直接在应用程序中将联系人快速添加到WhatsApp。

  If someone hands you a business card and you quickly want to get the conversation started in WhatsApp, add them as a contact directly in WhatsApp. When you do this, the person’s information will be synced to your contact book (and to Google, depending on your settings).
  如果有人给您一张名片,并且您很快想在WhatsApp中开始对话,则将他们直接添加为WhatsApp中的联系人。 执行此操作时,此人的信息将同步到您的通讯录(并同步到Google,具体取决于您的设置)。

  To do this, open the WhatsApp app for Android, go to the “Chats” section, and tap the “New Message” button found in the bottom-right corner.

  Here, choose the “New Contact” option.

  You’ll now see all of the usual fields. Type in their name, company details, and their phone number. From there, tap the “Save” button.
  现在,您将看到所有常用字段。 输入他们的姓名,公司详细信息和电话号码。 从那里,点击“保存”按钮。

  You can now search for the user and start a conversation right away.

  Alternatively, you can also easily add a contact from a contact card. To do this, tap the “Add Contact” button from the contact card.
  或者,您也可以轻松地从联系人卡片添加联系人。 为此,请从联系人卡中点击“添加联系人”按钮。

  WhatsApp will ask you if you want to add it to an existing contact or if you want to create a new one. It’s best to create a new contact here, so choose the “New” option.
  WhatsApp会询问您是否要将其添加到现有联系人或是否要创建新联系人。 最好在这里创建一个新联系人,因此选择“新建”选项。

  You’ll now see the default screen for adding a new contact, with all the details filled it. Just tap the “Save” button to save the contact.
  现在,您将看到用于添加新联系人的默认屏幕,其中包含所有详细信息。 只需点击“保存”按钮即可保存联系人。

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